Home Adaptations Consortium

The Home Adaptations Consortium is made up of a broad spectrum of national organisations working together with a single aim:

To champion quality provision of home adaptations for disabled people 

It was initiated in 2008 by Care & Repair England to provide a forum to share and promote good policy and practice. (Note the Consortium only operates in England)

The Consortium aims to identify and highlight the potential impact of wider policy changes e.g in social care and health reform on the provision of home adaptations and Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG)

Members of the Home Adaptations Consortium

Click here for a list of current members of the Consortium

The aim of this blog is to have key documents/briefings and evidence papers about Disabled Facilities Grants (DFGs) in a single place to enable the sharing of information.

Click here for our general leaflet

Raising the profile of the Home Adaptations Consortium endorsed ‘Good Practice Notebooks’, Briefings and updated Adaptations Good Practice Guide. Please Click here  for our leaflet.

Click here for the Consortium blog update

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