Integration in action – innovation in home adaptations delivery


A set of new ‘Cameos’ describing inspiring local examples of cutting edge delivery of home adaptations has today been launched by Care & Repair England, backed by Public Health England and endorsed by the national Home Adaptations Consortium. The six cameo’s can be downloaded here from:  West of England Care & Repair; Walsall Independent Living Centre; Sunderland Care & Support; Suffolk Orbit Care & Repair; Middlesbrough Staying Put; Knowsley Centre for Independent Living

Promotion of wellbeing and independence, alongside prevention, are critical to the vision of the Care Act. Adapting people’s homes plays a pivotal role in meeting these obligations.

There are pioneers around England who are ahead of the curve on finding new and better ways to offer home adaptations advice, practical help and financial assistance, including innovations in use of Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG). These new ‘cameos’ describe activities in an initial six localities.

Care & Repair England has also published a Briefing which explains the changes, clarifies responsibilities and highlights opportunities for integration now that the DFG funding is paid to local councils through the Better Care Fund.

These resources will be particularly useful for anyone new to provision of help with home adaptations such as Directors of Public Health; Members of Health and Wellbeing Boards; Local Councillors: Patient and Service User Representatives, as well as anyone involved in the field of home adaptations. [June 2015]

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