Adaptations help for older and disabled people to continue

The Chancellor’s Autumn Statement included some good news for older and disabled people, with the announcement that Department of Health will continue to fund Disabled Facilities Grants for the next 5 years.

The Spending Review and Autumn Statement 2015 states:

‘The government will also continue to improve care for older and disabled people and support for their carers. The Care Act reforms introduced in April focus on wellbeing, prevention and delaying the need for social care. In support of these principles, the Spending Review includes over £500 million* by 2019-20 for the Disabled Facilities Grant, which will fund around 85,000 home adaptations that year. This is expected to prevent 8,500 people from needing to go into a care home in 2019-20.’

What this will mean for DFG allocations in the years running up to 2019-20 is as yet unknown. Hopefully the further comment in the statement about increasing the Better Care Fund by £1.5 billion (DFG is included in this fund) might indicate a staged rise.

Watch this space for further details.

Click here here for the Home Adaptations Consortium 2015 Spending Review Submission re DFG value, Home Adaptations for Disabled People – Integration in Action

* The DH budget for DFG in 15-16 is £220m. Budgets are set locally with the expectation that contributions to the DFG budget will also be made by housing, social care and health (in the past there was a legal obligation to mach fund on 60:40 basis)


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