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Home adaptations: The Care Act 2014 and related provision across the UK

The College of Occupational Therapists have published a new Briefing, written by legal expert Michael Mandelstam, about the effect of the Care Act 2014 on the provision of home adaptations for adults in England. It also outlines broadly the comparable position,  under different legislation, for adults in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Likewise for children in all four countries of the United Kingdom.

Publication date: 31/03/2016

Free download from:

Big rise in national money for home adaptations in 2016-17

The national allocation of funding for Disabled Facilities Grants (DFG) is set to almost double, increasing from £220m in 2015-16 to £394m in 2016-17.

These figures were revealed in the recent publication of the Better Care Fund Policy Statement 2016/17 by DH & DCLG.

Whilst an increase by 2020 was announced in the 2015 Autumn Statement, the level of DFG allocations in the intervening years was not specified.

The new BCF Policy Statement again states that DFG monies are payable to local housing authorities to enable them to carry out their statutory duties with regard to DFG provision, but it should be noted that two new national conditions for the Better Care Fund have been introduced.

These require local areas to fund NHS commissioned out-of-hospital services and to develop a clear, focused action plan for managing delayed transfers of care (DTOC), including locally agreed targets. It would be surprising if the use of the extra DFG money was not in some way linked to DTOC.

Details of individual local authority DFG allocations are yet to be announced [Jan 2016]

Disabled Facilities Grants: A system of help with home adaptations for disabled people in England- an overview  Care & Repair England [July 15]

An overview of the national Disabled Facilities Grant system of help with home adaptations for those new to the field Provision of help home adaptations for disabled people in England briefing July 2015

Home Adaptations for Disabled People: A detailed guide to related legislation, guidance and good practice (Published 2013, updated 2015)

This detailed report published in October 2013 by the Home Adaptations Consortium sets out the legislation, guidance and good practice concerning Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG) has been updated to incorporate the  Care Act 2014 and related Guidance and Regulations.

The last pages include many key references and documents about DFG and adaptations legislation, research and good practice.

Parliamentary Briefing about Disabled Facilities Grant (2013)

A clear, definitive, well referenced explanation produced by the House of Commons Library. See Disabled Facilities Grant sn03011-1

Reviewing the Disabled Facilities Grant Programme (2005) ODPM, DH, DfES

This is a comprehensive analysis of the delivery of the DFG system setting out options for change and improvement Reviewing the Disabled Facilities Grant Programme (2005) ODPM Full report.  There is also a Short summary  report


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